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Resolve To Boost Health With These Breakfast Tips

(StatePoint) – Looking to make a change to your nutrition in the new year? Start by examining what is often referred to as the most important meal of the day; breakfast.

Here are some fast facts about breakfast from Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN, and president of Kelly’s Choice, a collective of registered dietitians, nutritionists and educators that offers customized nutrition coaching programs for schools, workplaces, medical facilities, athletes and individuals.

Don’t Skip It: Breakfast is not only essential to weight maintenance, it can help ensure you avoid nutritional deficiencies, so don’t avoid it.

“Think about bonfires. If you don’t add wood to the flames, the fire will go out. Metabolism works the same way. If you don’t add food as fuel to your body, your metabolism will slow down,” says Springer. “To maintain a healthy diet, you need to eat regularly scheduled meals. Breakfast is particularly important because your metabolism slows during a night of sleep.”

Skipping breakfast has also been proven to be linked to nutrient deficiencies, points out Springer.

“Breakfast provides essential nutrients that can’t be made up for later in the day,” says. “A good breakfast will provide protein, b vitamins, fiber, calcium and iron.”

Include Protein: Protein helps to maintain blood sugar levels, keeps you fuller longer and provides the building blocks for skin, hair, nails and muscle. But because protein can’t be stored as protein in the body, it needs to be consumed throughout the day.

“Be sure your first meal includes protein. You don’t have to search hard to do so. Some of your favorite breakfast items are already a great source,” says Springer.

Did you know that a bagel at Einstein Bros. Bagels has between 9 and 17 grams of protein? This is more than or as much protein as one large egg, three slices of turkey, one cup of 2 percent milk or two tablespoons of creamy peanut butter.

Include Carbohydrates: Many new diets encourage you to skip carbohydrates, but carbs are the number one source of energy for the body and brain food to boot. Carbohydrates convert to glucose in the body -- and our brain, one of the most demanding organs in the body, cannot function without glucose.

Streamline: Habits are most successfully formed when they are easy to adopt. To that end, consider streamlining your breakfast by seeking out one location for your morning cup of joe as well as your protein-rich, meal, such as Einstein Bros. Bagels, which offers a full breakfast menu.

A nutritious day all starts with a balanced breakfast. Start 2019 off on the right foot by giving your breakfasts a makeover.

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