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Ayr Supervisors Warn Of Mail Fundraising Scam

By Cassidy Pittman

Ayr Township supervisors learned at their monthly meeting Aug. 27 that fake fundraising mailers are being sent to Pennsylvania residents from a group called “Volunteer Firefighter Alliance” in Topeka, Kan. Township secretary Denise Mellott said that David Sanko, executive director of the Pennsylvania State Association, had notified the township of the scam in a letter.

Residents are reminded that it is best to give directly to the singular fire company (i.e. Hustontown, McConnellsburg or Needmore) and not through a wide-range service.

Secretary Mellott also told the supervisors that she had met with their solicitor, Stanley Kerlin, to research what is needed to be done for the Fulton County Municipalities Building Code Association (FCMBA) to dissolve. A draft resolution was then written and sent to solicitor Kerlin for final approval. The board then made a motion to adopt Resolution 2018-8-28, dissolving the FCMBCA effective Nov. 1. All other townships involved will also need to adopt a resolution of dissolution as soon as possible.

A letter was also received from CES Engineering stating that JLG Industries is applying for a General National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for construction activities concerning a test pad project. A municipal land use letter was submitted by Mellott.

A letter was sent to Jeffrey Grace regarding his Ag Exemption Land Use Permit for a 40- foot-by-100-foot building at 1575 Crossroads Rd. stating the permit had been approved, but that some future stipulations may apply.

McConnellsburg state police Sgt. Tim Cummings also attended the Ayr Township meeting last Monday evening to update the township supervisors about what is going on in the area.

In other news, Bob Peck met with township supervisors to review the township’s insurance policy that was renewed Sept. 1.

In attendance were township supervisors Sonny Harr, Gary Hopkins, Thurman Nesbitt III, and township secretary Denise Mellott. Also present were Sgt. Tim Cummings, Marjorie Hudson, Dayton Tweedy, Bob Peck, Jeremy Fletcher, and Rich Strayer.

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