2018-02-08 / Local & State

County Sews Up Routine Agendas

Appoints Elen Ott to advisory boards
By Cassidy Pittman STAFF WRITER

Commissioners Stuart Ulsh, Rodney McCray and Pete Lynch at their weekly meeting February 6 appointed Elen Ott from the Fulton County Family Partnership to the Fulton County Services for Children Advisory Board for a term that will expire in September 2019.

They also appointed Ott to serve a three-year term on the Franklin/Fulton MD/ID/EI Advisory Board beginning January 2018 and ending January 2021.

In other news, Anthony D’Anna met with commissioners in regard to the Bedford- Fulton Recreational Authority Board. They later met with Sheriff Keith Stains regarding office-related matters and with county solicitor Stanley Kerlin on county matters.

A severance agreement and general release for Sherry Meid dated January 26, 2018, was signed. Other documents authorized were the revised version of the Certification of County Funds for 2018 and the MATP allocation for fiscal year 2016-2017 in the amount of $427,129.

At their Jan. 30 meeting the three commissioners met with Chief Probation Officer Dan Miller and Building & Grounds Director Brad Seville to discuss office-related matters concerning the new probation building.

Also on January 30, they agreed to endorse the commercial lease agreement between Employment and Training Inc. and the county of Fulton. The lease term is dated July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019.

Karen McFadden, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administrator, discussed CDBG office matters with the commissioners.

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