2016-01-14 / Letters

Gun Issues Deserve Our Attention

To The Editor:

Recent letters on gun rights and gun violence raise really important issues that deserve our full attention and open discussion.

I believe the question should be framed as this: yes, in a free society, we have rights, but in order to maintain our free society, those rights may be limited. Do I have the right to drive? Yes. Do I have the right to vote? Yes. Do I have the right to drink alcohol? Yes. Yes, but I do not have the right to drive down the wrong side of the road or drive through stop signs. Why not? Because by doing these things, I am affecting the rights and freedoms of other drivers on the road.

Yes, that’s because of all the rights we enjoy, our Constitution protects the rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” above everything else. If what you do threatens someone else’s life, you are abrogating that person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So that’s the way I see it with guns.

People like to paint this picture that our rights are being threatened. This is possible, but is it really true? Are we not free to choose where we live, whether we go to school, what career we choose to follow, whether we choose to get married and have kids, where and how often we want to travel, what kind of car we drive, what interests and hobbies we choose to pursue, and what organizations and friends we choose to associate with?

Yes, we are free to do any and all of these things. The only place and time our rights are limited is when they impact someone else.

Has anyone come and taken your guns? No. None of your rights are being threatened by this. But everyone’s right to live is being protected by limiting their use.

The point of Politis’ article is that where handguns are illegal, as in the countries he lists, you have few if any deaths at all. That is the point. Guns are dangerous. Limit their use and everyone is safer, everyone is better off. Including the writer. I have to ask, how would you feel if you lost someone to gun violence?

This is the point you have to look at, not to mentioned accidents, kids and teenagers playing games as happened in this community not long ago. You end up with a really great kid dead.

Dan Adams

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