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This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Stella Pittman, McConnellsburg, is of the Pittman children. Pictured front row: Judy Pittman Kenney, W. Ray Pittman, Helen Pittman Hann and Linda Pittman Harr; back row: Jimmy Pittman, Alice Pittman Golden and Bobby Pittman. This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Stella Pittman, McConnellsburg, is of the Pittman children. Pictured front row: Judy Pittman Kenney, W. Ray Pittman, Helen Pittman Hann and Linda Pittman Harr; back row: Jimmy Pittman, Alice Pittman Golden and Bobby Pittman. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 11, 1996


The “Blizzard of 1996” roared into Fulton County early Sunday morning and stayed long enough to bury the county in anywhere from 26 to 34 inches of snow, depending on location. True to fashion, the state’s Farm Show Week brought bad weather to Pennsylvania and this huge nor’easter is being billed as the “Storm of the Century” in the Northeast. Along with the storm and its massive snow accumulations came strong winds and frigid temperatures. One snow-related death was reported on Tuesday afternoon. According to McConnellsburg Fire Co. ambulance logs, the ambulance was dispatched Tuesday morning to a South Third Street residence for a man who collapsed while shoveling snow in the back of the Third Street apartment complex. The man, Ellis Fox, who resided at the complex, reportedly died later at Fulton County Medical Center. Local schools remained closed Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday being very questionable at press time. All county offices and local state offices were closed on both Monday and Tuesday but scheduled to reopen Wednesday.

He wasn’t born on New Year’s Day but little Andrew Dalton Morrison was the first baby to greet the New Year at Fulton County Medical Center. He was delivered by Dr. DeGuzman January 4 at 4:22 p.m. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Morrison.

Using a cheese grater to make hay and other kitchen utensils to carve details, artist Ed Shank finished one of his most challenging projects: a 150-pound butter sculpture of President Eisenhower gingerly bottle feeding an Aberdeen Angus calf, at the 1996 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Eisenhower was selected as this year’s feature because he was named Pennsylvania’s first honorary “Master Farmer” in 1963. He and his wife, Mamie, bought a farm in Gettysburg in 1950, retired in 1961 and raised a prizewinning herd of Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle. At the Farm Show, Eisenhower exhibited the grand champion Aberdeen bull in 1962 and 1963 as well as the grand champion female from 1963 to 1966.

Deaths: Orlen Bard, McConnellsburg; Noel Mellott, Hustontown; James Buzzerd, Berkeley Springs; Wavia Miller, McConnellsburg.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 23, 1986


Melissa Humbert, 19, was crowned 1986 Mc-

Connellsburg Bicentennial Queen Saturday night, kicking off the bicentennial year. Melissa is the daughter of Thomas and Madeline Humbert of McConnellsburg.

Monday’s winter storm, which dumped as much as 8 inches of snow in areas of the county, provided a waking nightmare for drivers as state police from McConnellsburg were called to the scenes of numerous accidents.

A Fort Loudon man escaped serious injury when the brakes on the coal truck he was driving apparently failed along Enid Mountain Road in Wells Township last Friday morning, January 17. Police said Glenn O. Gorman, 57, operating a 1974 Diamond Reo truck tractor with a 1969 Gilmore semitrailer, was eastbound on LR 29033 on Enid Mountain, about one mile west of the village of Enid, when he apparently experienced brake failure. Gordon was trapped inside the wreckage for some time. He was taken to Fulton County Medical Center and admitted overnight for treatment of cuts and bruises to his arms and legs and was released Saturday.

Bradley R. Bolinger, 26, a McConnellsburg native, has been appointed as an assistant district attorney for Franklin County. He is the son of Wilda and Ruth Bolinger of Mc- Connellsburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Hill of Harrisonville on January 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Keefer of McConnellsburg on January 12; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Barry Snyder of Hustontown on January 11.

Marriage licenses: Joseph Boor Jr., McConnellsburg, and Brenda Martin, McConnellsburg.

Deaths: Imogene Risbon, Wells Tannery; Frank McDonald, Hagerstown; H. Lee Crouse, Waynesboro; Wayne G. Detwiler, Downingtown; Anna Houck, Huntingdon; Joseph Melius, Chambersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Bard of Warfordsburg would like to announce the birth of their first child, a son, Dwight David, born November 7, at Fulton County Medical Center.

Specials at the IGA: chuck roast, $1.59 lb.; Parkay margarine, 2 for $1; seedless grapefruit, 5 for $1; Viva towels, 59 cents.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 22, 1976


Three Fulton County men were accorded the top honors of the local Chamber of Commerce Saturday night before a crowd that included a veritable Who’s Who in Fulton County. Charles Paidock of Harrisonville was the first to be recognized. As director of the Fulton County Library Project, he represented a local program that was the center of controversy last year. Mc- Connellsburg attorney Albert Foster was next to be honored for the Outstanding Citizen award, and the Man of the Year award went to McConnellsburg Borough Council President Eugene Earley. Earley was selected for his leadership role in the restoration of the old Fulton House Hotel in McConnellsburg.

Zero temperatures were recorded during the cold spell that hit this part of the county over the weekend. Ice skating on the ponds and lakes in the county was enjoyed by many.

Ernest “Skip” Harris of McConnellsburg was the man receiving the Fireman of the Year award at McConnellsburg Fire Co.’s annual banquet.

It was like a scene out of “Mission Impossible” for Mc- Connellsburg firemen on Sunday afternoon when they were called to rescue an unidentified man from high in the treetops on top of Tuscarora Mountain. It seems the man had driven up from Washington, D.C., with his hang glider, a kitelike contraption to which a man can harness himself and glide through the air. He had taken off from the picnic area of Route 16, but his glider became entangled in the treetops, with him harnessed to it. Local firemen took a truck to the wooded area and using ladders and ropes, managed to rescue the hapless birdman. He was not hurt, but his glider was ruined.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Long of New Grenada celebrated their 65th anniversary on December 23.

Specials at the IGA: Pepsi Cola, eight 10-oz. bottles, $1.39; Scot towels 2 for 89 cents; Pillsbury flour, 5-lb. bag, 79 cents.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burget of Bedford on January 15; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Swope of Warfordsburg on January 13; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fischer of Warfordsburg on January 9; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Carmean of Warfordsburg on January 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Leonard of Mount Union on January 12.

Jody Fay Truax and Michael Brandon Reeder were married November 29 at McConnellsburg United Methodist Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Traux of McConnellsburg. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reeder, also of McConnellsburg.

Marriage licenses: Robert Allen Strait, McConnellsburg, and Cindy Lou Bivens, Big Cove Tannery; Timothy Taylor, Fort Loudon, and Jacqueline Ann Neil, McConnellsburg.

Deaths: James C. Smyers, Everett; Morris Cuff, Lewistown; Clyde Truax, Warfordsburg.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of February 3, 1966


More than 100 Marching Mothers expect to be calling each Fulton County home this coming week as the 1966 March of Dimes comes to a close.

The much publicized cloud-seeding case, which was to have been heard in the Fulton County Court on Monday, was postponed until Wednesday due to an over-abundance of precipitation over the weekend. The case has drawn widespread attention among groups and individuals, with conflicting opinions on the beneficial or detrimental effects of cloud seeding.

An exploding heater, believed to have been caused by an electrical short circuit, started a raging fire that completely destroyed the trailer home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Downey of Clear Ridge on Thursday night. The Downeys and their two small children were at home at the time. Mr. Downey, who for the past several years has been paralyzed form the waist down, was lifted in a chair to safety by his wife. All their possessions were destroyed in the fire, which was the third that the unfortunate family has experienced in recent years. Each time they were left homeless. The Downeys had lived in their tenant trailer home, located on a road from Clear Ridge to Dublin Mills, for the past five years.

Contractors from Maryland and Nebraska hold $26 million worth of contracts to drill three new Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnels through the mountains of southcentral Pennsylvania

Mrs. Ruth Cooper, postal clerk at the McConnellsburg post office, retired on disability recently after 23 years service.

Edwin Layton, an instructor at Southern Fulton High School, recently returned from Penn State University after completing the requirements for his college provisional certificate.

A2C William Golden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Golden of Warfordsburg, received his discharge from the U.s. Air Force on January 21, after serving four years at bases in the United States.

The private plane that made an emergency landing several weeks ago on the George Richards farm is still there, now buried in the snow, and it will be some time before a pilot will be able to fly it away.

All the schools of the county were closed on Monday and Tuesday, and the Sagner factory was shut down Monday due to the snow-drifted roads after Sunday’s blizzard, the worst in this area for many years.

Deaths: G.C. Fields Sr., McConnellsburg; Paul C. Danfelt, McConnellsburg; Lester H. Decker, Elton; Mrs. Vera Rinard, Breezewood; J. Campbell Patterson, McConnellsburg; Mrs. Bertha Barnhart Faith, Hancock; John McIntire, Waynesboro.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of February 2, 1956


Miss Maud Ott is a patient in Chambersburg Hospital where she underwent an operation for the removal of a cataract.

Pfc. Ralph Kell has returned to duty at the local state police substation after participating in the state police rodeo at the Farm Show.

George Buterbaugh of McConnellsburg celebrated his 89th birthday January 20 at the home of his daughter, Beulah.

Last Thursday, The Fulton County National Bank installed a “central proof machine,” which will list separately all transactions through each teller’s window. The machine is intended to cut to a minimum the number of mistakes that normally arise during the course of a day’s business.

Last Friday, Republican leaders of the 18th District unanimously endorsed Richard M. Simpson of Huntingdon for re-election to the house of representatives.

A letter this week from F.S. Ambrose and his partner, Donald Yonker, tells of their trapping expedition to the immense Dupont Estate in South Carolina. So far, they have taken seven large wildcats (two alive that they’ll bring home) as well as a large number of foxes and other varmints, including three otters. In trying to capture alive one of the wildcats, it took a swipe at Yonker, cutting him badly across the nose. The two trappers have seen on the estate about every species of wild animal found in North America. Their extensive trap lines are covered by motorboat and jeep.

Two Mystery Farms were identified last week, one as the Gayle Waltz farm near Needmore. The farm that has been “hanging fire” for several weeks was identified as that of Mrs. Clara Mellott, north of Harrisonville.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Buterbaugh of McConnellsburg have announced that the marriage of their daughter, Verna, to William Lashley of Baltimore, will be held Saturday in Cito Church.

Born: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Younker, Hancock.

Mrs. Mearle Keefer of Warfordsburg is confined to her home, suffering from injuries she received in a fall down the steps.

Mrs. Fred Mellott of Amaranth suffered a heart attack last Sunday night.

Bill Zilch of Fort Littleton has left for California where he will attend college.

Mrs. Austin Clark of Needmore has been suffering from broken ribs received in a fall at her home.

Mrs. Vernon Mellott of Needmore suffered a stroke Sunday.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter, Julie Teressa, to Mr. an Mrs. Willis Swope of McConnellsburg on January 22; a son, Robert Carl II, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder of McConnellsburg on January 24; a son, Norman Wayne Jr., to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hann of Needmore on January 24.

Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Bivens of Wells Tannery celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week.

Deaths: Mrs. Frank Yetter of Mapleton; David Barton Laidig of Hustontown; Charles Lewis McGarvey Sr., Shirleysburg.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of February 7, 1946

’46 Deaths: Mrs. Richard E. Mellott of Big Pool, Md;. John Elmer Anderson of Wells Tannery

David H. Young and Florence Ford were wed January 26.

Among the recent discharges at Indiantown Gap were S.Sgt. Donald E. Mellott, T-S John B. Stenger and Pfc. Chalmer L. Sipes, all of McConnellsburg, and T-Sgt. Thomas G. Watters of Burnt Cabins.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McQuade of Ayr Township will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on February 13.

John A. Wine and Matilda Boker Sloan were married January 29.

John Comerer marked his 96th birthday January 30.

Charles H. Sheeley and Mary Ida Reeder were married January 23.

More discharges: T-Sgt. H. Dale Watters, SF-3C John A. Pittman and Lt. Herman Mellott Jr.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of February 6, 1936


Deaths: Mrs. Carl L. Westin of Turtle Creek; Mrs.

Katie Bradnick Kelso of Chambersburg; Rev.

William C. Garland of near Buffalo Mills; Mrs. Albert Harr of McConnellsburg; James E. Stevens of Illinois; Mrs. Jacob Douglas of Thompson Township; Mrs. Anna Wolfe of Mercersburg; Betty Lou Mills of Warfordsburg.

The house on the Finley McN. Johnston farm near Websters Mill, tenanted by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Miller and family, was totally destroyed by fire Tuesday morning. The flames, caused by a defective flue, spread so rapidly that nothing was saved except a few kitchen chairs. A son, William, attempted to brave the flames to save a family Bible that his mother had inherited from her ancestors, the Gordon family. He was unsuccessful, however, and received burns of the hands and wrists that required the attention of a physician.

John Mosser, a premedical student at Lafayette College, spent his midsemester vacation with his sister, Mrs. William H. Selser.

Frank S. Thomas was brought to his home at New Grenada last Wednesday from Huntingdon Hospital where he had been a patient for eight weeks.

The work on the new road from Waterfall to New Grenada has been suspended indefinitely due to the heavy snow.

Raymond Gracey of New Grenada is suffering from an infected hand, caused by its being caught in the belt at his sawmill.

Mrs. Stanley Funk of Thompson Township is very ill again, due to her getting excited over the husband’s car upsetting early last wednesday with the following school children: James Funk, Harold Winters, Lorella Booth and Etta May Seburn. No one was seriously injured but all received bruises. The car skidded and climbed a bank, turned around and rolled over on its side.

The stork visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Naugle of Burnt Cabins last Thursday morning, leaving an 8-pound boy. He has been named William Adolphus.

Jay Sweavey and Bernice Martin were married last Wednesday.

Clifford Lininger and Cecilia Wolfinger were married January 11.

90 Years Ago

From The Files Of
February 4, 1926


Deaths: Mrs. James

F. McClain of

Youngstown, Ohio; Dr. J. Neeper Richards of Riddlesburg.

William McKinley Hampton and Dolly McKnight were married Saturday.

Miss Lib Hess fell on the icy pavement on Sunday morning. As a result, she has been confined to bed, suffering from shock and bruises but no broken bones.

John Ott of Ayr Township called at the “News” office on Friday to pay his subscription. He said that Mr. Peck signed him up as the eighth subscriber when the “News” first started some 27 years ago and he has been taking it ever since.

Born: a daughter recently to Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Reeder of Burnt Cabins.

The Franklin Mills School is progressing very nicely under the care of Miss Alta Sigel.

Mrs. H.R. Smith and daughter, Alta, who had been visiting relatives at Northcraft, returned to their home in Pittsburgh on Monday .

W.J. Deneen of Warfordsburg and a Mr. Collins of Hancock spent last week installing an electric light plant for F.M. Lee of Northcraft.

C.L. Weicht of Northcraft is suffering from a very sore ankle. While leading his horse, he slipped and fell and the horse stepped on his ankle.

Being greatly fatigued from hard work and strenuous fox hunting, Ted Northcraft went to Pittsburgh on Monday to seek some rest.

John Ray of Buck Valley is erecting a large hen house on his mansion farm.

Mays Chapel School has been closed for several days on account of the illness of the teacher, Miss Nellie Ritz.

W.J. Deneen shipped two bloodhound pups to Minnesota on Monday.

Ralph Deshong of Sipes Mill brought a new Ford roadster.

Eward Strait of Sipes Mill went to the barn the other morning and made a big discovery. He found brand new twin calves.

Roy McKee of Amaranth has been seen going toward Friends Cove. It must be getting serious, Roy.

Harvey and Fin Lynch are cutting logs for Scott Mellott.

On January 29, a surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huston of near Hustontown in honor of the 21st birthday of their daughter, Ruth.

A kitchen shower was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Heefner of Hustontown on January 12 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Chesnut.

Independence School is doing very nicely under the direction of Miss Estaline Wink.

Thomas Ensley of Saluvia has purchased his brother’s valuable rabbit dog and Crist has left for parts unknown.

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