2015-12-10 / Letters

Recycle Obsolete, Broken Electronics

To The Editor:

Did you get a great deal on Black Friday or cyber Monday? Are you replacing your old electronic equipment with the latest and greatest? Don’t forget that in Pennsylvania, it’s actually illegal to discard many of those electronics in the trash. Of course, throwing them along the road has always been illegal (that still doesn’t seem to stop some people).

If your old electronic devices aren’t too obsolete, see if a thrift store will accept them. I can assure you though, most do not want your old television or computer monitor, unless they are flat screen and still functional. If your electronic devices are broken, obsolete, or no one else wants them, we do still have four electronics recycling

“sheds” in Fulton County.

The electronics recycling program cannot accept equipment that contains a refrigerant (no A/C units, no dehumidifiers), nor do we accept alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries are fine. If you drop off a computer, for your protection remove, wipe or damage the hard drive.

If you don’t know where the electronics recycling sheds are located, or just want more information regarding the program, please call 717-485-3547, Ext. 120, or go to www.fultoncountyconservationdistrict.org (and look under recycling program).

Greg Reineke
Fulton County
Recycling Coordinator

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