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Boro Adopts Final Budget For 2016

Awards bid for heating oil
By Jean Snyder

McConnellsburg Borough Council adopted a final budget and awarded a bid for heating fuel at its regular December meeting held last Wednesday evening.

The council gave unanimous approval to a 2016 budget that calls for no tax increase and projects increased spending of about $103,430 over 2015 expected expenditures of $232,992. The increase is due largely to budgeted expenses in street repairs and street construction.

The budget was passed unanimously on a Travis Bard/Adam Gress motion. During November’s meeting, council voted to hold the line on taxes at 6 mills on real estate and to keep an occupation tax of 20 mills and a per-capita tax of $5.

Borough taxpayers will also pay a one-half percent real estate transfer tax and a one-half percent wage tax.

The 2016 budget calls for total expenditures of $336,422 to be offset by $774,688 in revenue and investments. The borough expects to spend $141,224 on general government, $39,198 on protection of persons and property and $156,000 on highways. It is anticipated that the borough will end the year with a surplus of $438,266.

Other business

In other business, council awarded a bid for heating fuel to the lone bidder, Martin Oil Co. The accepted bid for fuel oil in the 2015-16 heating season is for 22 cents per gallon above daily average OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) price. The vote to accept the lone bid was unanimous on a Pat Frazier/Bard motion.

Also during other business, council was updated on the razing of a property on South First Street. It was noted that the project is nearly completed and an insurance bond of about $19,000 will then be paid.

Council also reviewed a new suggested checklist for building permits as offered by Pa. Municipal Code Alliance. On a Frazier/ Pat Booth motion, council unanimously agreed to continue using the old checklist as it is simpler and meets the requirements.

An upcoming price increase from Comcast was reviewed by council. The new price, which does not affect all services, will go into effect on December 20 of this year. It appears from the new price list that basic and expanded basic services (now at $21.99 and $47.96 per month, respectively) will not change. Other select Xfinity and equipment prices will increase.

It was also noted during the meeting that the local Conservation District has approved the plans for the library expansion.

Regular business

During regular business, council voted to pay November bills in the amount of $5,670.72. Receipts for the same period were $19,294.76. Checks were written for $11,436.35, leaving a December 1 balance of $57,808.93. Council also voted to pay $955.59 from liquid fuel funds to All Things Automotive for new tires for the borough truck.

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Fulton House. The next regular meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2016.

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