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Boro Council Discusses Street Paving

Approves county’s 1st Avenue plan
By Jean Snyder

McConnellsburg Borough Council members reviewed plans for the paving of First Avenue, discussed possible spring paving jobs and learned of new 2015 bidding thresholds at their regular meeting last Wednesday evening.

Bucky Zeger of CES Engineering attended council’s meeting representing the Fulton County commissioners and their plan for paving First Avenue. The avenue runs north and south from Walnut to Market Street on the county government campus. Zeger reviewed the plans with the council members and explained the plan to correct current stormwater runoff problems in addition to the paving. Following the discussion and questions, council unanimously approved the plans and mentioned that their engineers, Keller Engineers, had also approved the plans. It was noted that the job has been bid, but council members do not think the bid has been awarded. Liquid fuel funds will be used by the county for the job.

In a related matter, council members talked about possible spring paving projects for the borough. Noting that they would have approximately $30,000 in liquid fuel funds to use for paving, members of the Street Committee mentioned Market Street from Fourth Street to Poplar or from Third Street to Poplar. It was decided to solicit bids for the project to see if enough funds will be available.

Zeger also asked permission for the McConnellsburg United Methodist Church to close West Market Street from the courthouse square to the First Avenue alley on April 1 and 3 for the church’s “Journey to the Cross.” It will feature a 20-minute walking tour in the courthouse square area. Council approved the request.

Council secretary Jack Fields reviewed new bidding thresholds with council members, noting that any purchase under $10,500 requires no bidding or telephonic quotations. Contracts or purchases greater than $10,500 and less than $19,400 require three telephonic quotations. Any contract or purchase of or greater than $19,400 requires a formal public bidding process.

Old business

During old business, council voted to buy jumper cables or a jumper pack to use for both borough trucks in cold weather. Council also voted to use $1,598.72 in liquid fuel funds for chips and cold pack.

Council again discussed and reiterated that all snow should be cleared from sidewalks by property owners within 24 hours after snow/ice has ended. It was noted that there are many violators in the borough.

Council again discussed the missing sidewalk on South Second Street to the Giant Food Store. It was mentioned that the county is going to have the bank dug out and stone put in as a temporary fix until the street can be put in.

It was also mentioned that the Christmas lights and decorations have not been taken down. Council noted that while the borough pays the electricity on the lights, putting them up and taking them down are the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce & Tourism.

Council reviewed the actuary’s estimate on contributions to the Police Pension Fund noting that $14,517 will be due in both 2015 and 2016 and $21,582 in 2017. The actuary, Conrad Sigel, also said that council may owe an additional $35,000 in October 2016 as part of its minimal municipal obligation.

New business

During new business, council held a discussion on the furnace in the Fulton House. Fields noted that in the cold weather, he had to watch the furnace night and day. He said that he has ordered a $900 part that will, hopefully, keep the furnace running for awhile longer. Fields said the furnace is at least 35 years old, and it was suggested that council consider putting in a heat pump system but still keep the old furnace as backup. Council members agreed to have an engineer look at the system but held off on any decisions pending how well the new part works.

Regular business

During regular business, council voted to pay February bills in the amount of $49,331.06. Revenue for the same period was $42,114.71. Checks were written for $99,925.91, and the March 1 balance was $27,642.37.

Council members in attendance were Rick Buterbaugh, Adam Gress, Pat Booth, Pat Frazier, Travis Bard, David Washabaugh and Mayor Mike Chilcote. It was also noted that Washabaugh, Gress, Buterbaugh and Bard will be running for office again in the primary election.

The council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 1, 2015.

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