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Ayr Twp. Awards Paving Bid

Supervisors sign letter opposing CAFO
By Jean Snyder


Ayr Township awarded a paving bid to New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. at their regular meeting last Monday evening.

The company submitted the low bid for paving portions of Laurel Ridge and Buck Hollow Road. The New Enterprise bid was $70,486.02, while P&W Excavating had submitted a bid of $70,859.18.

Earlier in the month, the supervisors, upon the advice of their solicitor, signed a letter to Karl Brown, executive secretary of the PA State Conservation Committee, to the local conservation district and to the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) outlining “public opposition” to the proposed Bivouac Hog Farm, requesting that “permitting of the concentrated animal farm operation (CAFO) be discontinued and that those permits issued to date be revoked.”

The supervisors went on to say, “No consideration is being given to the physical characteristics of the property chosen for the facility, nor has consideration being given to the location in the Big Cove Creek Watershed.“

The letter goes on to outline those characteristics of the property chosen for a CAFO birthing facility for approximately 5,000 sows. The letter asks the permitting agencies to consider seven facts including: the nature of the watershed, the location of feeder streams and the Big Cove Creek coldwater fishery, the proximity of the property to springs, feeder streams and Big Cove Creek, the steep line of travel from the hill top, down the access driveway, the path of travel to manure application fields to the north (Route 522) crossing a bridge over Big Cove Creek, the path of travel of manure application fields to the south (Route 522) has to cross a bridge over a feeder stream and the path of travel to manure application fields to the south (Route 522, then Route 928) would closely parallel Big Cove Creek for miles.

The letter also quoted the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control regarding possible health hazards, especially possible contamination to the groundwater.

The CAFO is proposed for a property located at 15197 Great Cove Road south of McConnellsburg. The CAFO will be operated by Country View Family Farms, the Middletown-based operation that also currently operates the Huston Hollow CAFO. Fulton County has six CAFOs now in operation.

The letter concluded by saying, “This facility is not safe for the environment nor the population at this location. This facility cannot be located safely at this location within the Big Cove Creek watershed.”

The letter was signed by all three supervisors and came on the heels of residents of Ravensburg Road who attended the supervisors’ March meeting to ask for the supervisors’ assistance on the issue.

Two weeks ago, those residents asked for a similar letter from the Fulton County commissioners, but the commissioners declined the request on the advice of their solicitor, who said, “You have no authority in this matter.”

The supervisors, in other business, also passed a resolution that will allow their tax collector to charge $10 for tax certification requests.

During other business last Monday evening, the supervisors changed the date of their May meeting to Tuesday, May 27, to avoid a conflict with the Memorial Day holiday.

The Ayr Township supervisors meet the last Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the township building.

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