2013-01-02 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate

The Christmas holiday is over. Hope everyone enjoyed the special occasion with family and friends. The weather wasn’t bad either for the holiday .

Winter is starting to warn us that time of the year is here by giving us some snow.

Kate Berkstresser spent December 23 with her daughter, June, and husband and family in Carlisle.

Jackie Berktresser and son Ryan of Slippery Rock were visiting folks in Fulton County over the weekend.

John and Heidi Peck and children visited Kate Berkstresser one evening last week.

Hustontown Fire Co. will hold a shooting match on Saturday, January 3, at 1 p.m. First- and second-place prizes will be awarded.

Kate Berkstresser was a Christmas Day dinner guest with Harvey and Pat Berkstresser. Danny and Brooke Sheeder and daughter Emma Grace also visited in the same home on Christmas Day.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and a very good year of progress and good health.

Trent Black celebrated his 21st birthday on January 1.

Household Hint: A way to recycle shoelaces with missing tips is to dip each end in clear nail polish to stiffen them or dip the end in glue, twist it to a point and allow it to dry.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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