2011-09-08 / Letters

Should Taxpayers Save USPS?

To The Editor:

Why is the post office in so much financial trouble to the tune of $9 billion as just reported on the news? Already, talk of closings, eliminating Saturday or other delivery service are being discussed. With rising healthcare and pension costs, should employees contribute more as comparable to private industry? To avoid default, the postmaster general wants Congress to act, but hopefully this will not come at the expense of the already financially strapped taxpayer to save the financially troubled agency?

E-mail and online bill paying are being blamed on lost revenue but that isn’t the brunt of the problem. What about just plain and simple unnecessary wasted money, and I cite the following as just one good example. This was just recently brought to my attention by a longtime friend from Owings Mills, Md.

When Dad, a postal employee for 27 years, passed away in April after having retired nearly 25 years ago, I requested in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Co. My friend sent a donation, mistakenly not to Maple Street, but with the correct box number 112.

Instead of the sorting postal employee walking maybe 10 feet at the absolute most and placing the envelope into the fire company’s post office box, it was stamped “Return to Sender, No Such Address, Unable To Forward.”

Now for most that read this neither the post office nor the fire company has moved in ... years! It’s directly across the street.

So instead of this costing the post office no expense to further shove them in the red, to justify their existence, it was then handled how many times and at what expense to return via Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Baltimore and eventually delivered back to Owings Mills? It was then restamped by my friend with another 44 cents and came back via the same route with delivery to 112 E. Maple St.

Now you tell me!

Robert Vores McConnellsburg

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