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How To Choose Mobile Devices For Your Family

A mobile device is a very personal thing. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone you’re looking for, it’s best not to take a one-size fits all approach. What works for you may not be right for your teen or spouse.

Before making a selection, there are a few factors to take into consideration, including size, operating system, design, intended use and feature set.

“Mobile technology devices are pervasive in our lives. They’re our digital companions,” says Li Jun, Senior Vice President, Product Group at Lenovo. “Whether your priority is entertainment, business, security or productivity, a little research can help you find the device that best suits your needs.”

To get started, consider which profile best fits you:

The student

Since students are very active, size matters. But with note-taking and reading a top priority, you don’t want to select a mobile device that’s too small.

Since the device will need to go to class, study sessions and even parties, a tablet is an ideal compromise. New tablet devices weigh less than two pounds, in many cases, and come preloaded with student-friendly apps like Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader.

The online socialite

Are you always updating your status message? Can’t enter a restaurant without “checking in?” If your mobile device is your BFF, a device with a one-stop social connection and multi-tasking interface will save on battery life and leave more time for keeping up with friends and family. The Lenovo Idea- Pad Tablet K1, for example, offers a “Social Touch” app that aggregates your favorite networking sites like Twitter and Facebook with your calendar and e-mail. It also offers a front and rear camera for face-to-face networking.

The professional

Do you frequently travel or meet with clients? If so, you should consider things like aesthetics, speed and functionality when choosing a device.

Business-focused devices should offer features like a full-sized USB drive and SD card reader for easily transferring files between meetings, or the ability to connect presentations to an external monitor, conduct video conferences and keep your business chugging. For example, the ThinkPad Tablet comes with a corporate-friendly application that allows IT administrators to manage multiple devices remotely.

Of course your business wouldn’t buy file cabinets with broken locks. You’ll need the same security for your digital data. Make sure your device comes with antitheft software, which disables it if it is lost or stolen.

For more on finding the right combination of function and security, and to browse different mobile devices, visit http://shop.lenovo.com.

In today’s connected world, a mobile device suited to your needs is essential no matter what you do for fun or money.

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