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C. Fulton Accepts Resignations

Hires several teachers
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Central Fulton School Board attended to an agenda heavily laden with personnel-related matters last Tuesday in preparation for the start of the quickly approaching 2011-12 school year.

The board gave a unanimous nod of approval to confirm the personnel committee’s hiring of several individuals, including Heidi B. McMath, of Hustontown. McMath was hired to fill an elementary teaching position on a temporary contract, which includes a rate of $47,047 plus benefits.

In addition, Greencastle resident Amanda Christman was formally hired as an elementary longterm substitute on a temporary professional contract. Christman is slated to receive $40,832 in connection with her duties.

The board went on to confirm the personnel committee’s hiring of Jacob Corl, of Mercersburg. Corl will serve as a high school science teacher through a temporary professional contract, which includes a pay rate of $40,832 plus benefits.

Special education positions were filled by Summer Weise, of Osterburg, and Mercersburg resident Trace Harbold. Weise will work in accordance with a temporary professional contract, which stipulates pay at $40,832 plus benefits. Harbold’s salary and contract terms were unavailable as of presstime.

Having all clearances submitted and in order, Nancy Ritchey, of McConnellsburg, was added to the professional substitute list. Meanwhile, Hustontown resident Connie Brown and Alicia Bowders, Mercersburg, were added to the paraprofessional and professional substitute list, respectively, pending the receipt of necessary clearances.

A total of four resignations were accepted as presented to the board by special education instructor Joy Bennett, health-room technician Lynette Gelvin, elementary teacher Meghann Campbell and elementary aide Kara Snyder. Gelvin was in turn added to the list of available health-room technician substitutes.

An amendment was made to a motion approved at the board’s June 2011 meeting regarding the salary of newly hired elementary teacher Nancy Harris. At the time Harris’s salary was recorded at $40,762 when it should have stated $41,128.

Wade Mellott was placed on the extracurricular salary scale as a volunteer assistant soccer coach.

Under the category of transportation, a change in contract was authorized with Sandy Deck Transportation for the 2010-11 Extended School Year Route #018. Retroactive to June 21, Sandy Deck Transportation will receive a daily rate of $349.04.

According to the board and administration, the route was bid due to the resignation of the previous contractor. However, Sandy Deck was the only contractor interested in handling the route.

Furthermore, the board learned that due to “high demands,” Sandy Deck Transportation was not interested in renewing its contract to provide extracurricular activity transportation for the upcoming school year.

In light of the development, a letter was sent to all district contractors to elicit interest in the vacant route. Three contractors, the board noted, expressed interest in the route but did not wish to operate it solo.

As a result, the board agreed to split the activities between Sandy Deck Transportation, Lynda S. Strait and Junior Swope. Sandy Deck will oversee all activity runs and basketball, while Strait will cover baseball, softball and soccer trips. Swope is scheduled to cover track and field and volleyball runs.

The rate per mile for those buses will be $2.08, which was derived from last year’s per-mile rate, including the increase for the cost index. Vans will run at $1.56 per mile.

Following up on this summer’s bid process, a contract was awarded to Kimberley Sediers, of Mc- Connellsburg, who will transport building trades students to the Forbes Road School District this year.

In discussing curriculum, the board approved a 182-day agreement with Learning Lamp for alternative education at a cost of $36,104.92.

A request from musical director Hope Moore was granted to allow the elementary students to perform “Bah Humbug: Scrooge’s Christmas Carol” as the musical production for the 2011-12 school year. Dates for the event are tentatively slated for November 18 through November 20.

Under budget and finance, Edgewood General Contractors was given permission to perform necessary repairs in the health occupations classroom for a fee of $6,629. Among the modifications to be completed are the removal of a block wall between classrooms and installation of a new framed partition wall, which will be both primed and painted.

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