2011-08-18 / Letters

Recognizes DA As A Good Samaritan

I, as a lifelong resident of Fulton County, would like to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to our local district attorney, Travis Kendall, for his help during an automobile breakdown that occurred on the square of McConnellsburg. Recently, the car I was riding in began smoking from under the hood, and we stopped in the square. The hood was popped, and we realized that we had blown a plug in the engine that was allowing oil to splash over the engine and begin burning.

Upon further inspection, we realized that the plug was still within the frame of the car. A pickup truck pulled in beside us and out stepped our local DA, Mr. Kendall. He not only offered his assistance but tools to fix the situation as well. He remained there, helping until the vehicle was fixed ... even through the large downpour we had that evening.

Keep in mind that Mr. Kendall did not help us due to an obligation. He helped us because he wanted to. You can tell simply by his selfless actions that he has a deep sense of community pride that I only wish would become much more profound in this closely-knit community. Mr. Kendall deserves ... but most likely does not desire ... respect and recognition for his generous act of kindness toward us.

Thank you, Mr. Kendall, for your assistance and know that your graciousness did not go unnoticed. You are truly the epitome of what Fulton County stands for and needs to re-embrace.

– Julie Decker Shafer

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