2011-08-18 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Belated birthday wishes to Joey Fleck, Alexis Fogal, Jody Shimer, Sue Oswald, Craig Mitchell, Mike Greenland, Chad Ramsey, Allyson Barnett, Amber Reynolds,

Joel Neville,

Denny Cutshall, Mike

Souders and

Asher Horne.

Birthday wishes this week to Mahlon Shimer, Anita Greenland, Alle Young, Helen Redman, Haley Strait, Erica Hann, Paxton Horne, Deb Cornelius, Jordon Glunt, Beth Barmont, Kadence Whitsel, Lily Bair, Angel Shehan, Kyle Mitchell, Dezarey Swope, Adam Locke, Dennis Hann and Mary Frances Jaymes.

Anniversary wishes to Merrill and Gail Stains, James and Veronica Patterson, Philip and Christina Myers, Garry and Sharynn Book, Lanny and Deb Cornelius, George and Heather Locke, Junior and Tammy Anderson, and Edsel and Vicki Hamman.

Anniversary wishes also to Adam and Amanda Locke, Craig and Terisha Mitchell, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, and Willard and Helen Redman.

Get well wishes to Neva Fleming, Lynn Knepper, Sam Park, Betty Streightiff, Huldah Streightiff, Esther Grissinger, and Dick Rhoades.

Congratulations to Jim, Lori, Brenden and Holden Lupey on their participation and placing in the Ben Knepper 5K run.

Greg Locke of Atlanta, Ga., is visiting with relatives this week.

Angel Wings will be at the Orbisonia-Rockhill homecoming this weekend with an upcoming schedule of events.

A wonderful opening ceremony of the 2011 Home- coming was enjoyed by many in the community Sunday evening. A special thank-you is extended to those who planned the picnic, praise and worship groups, speakers of faith, volunteer fire company personnel and EMS. We hope this is the first of a new and long-lasting tradition.

Get well wishes and prayers for Holly Mills North and her family, Alan Painter, Darlene McMath and Bev Price.

Friday was the annual gals day out, with Ruth Grissinger, Jayla, Jenny and Tammy Cantrell having a great time. A special thankyou and big hug to brother Clay for entertaining Cole for the day!

A 50th wedding anniversary picnic was held for Merrill and Gail Stains over the weekend at the home of Denny and Tina Swan of Shippensburg.

Betty Ramsey, Dison Myers and Bill, Molly and Pete Ramsey attended the tractor show at Twin Bridges over the weekend.

Donna Locke was a brave grandma and aunt on Monday by loading up her grandchildren, Toryn, Cameron and Brayden Locke, niece Corin and nephew Cody and heading to Del Grosso’s Amusement Park for a fun day.

Visiting with Gordon and Donna Locke last weekend were Irene Park, George and Heather Locke, Adam, Amanda, Toryn, Cameron and Brayden Locke, James and Justin Locke, and Corin and Cody Crawford.

Tim Streightiff was home from Washington, D.C., this weekend for some busy gardening chores.

Tom and Mamie Streightiff attended Tom’s 40th high school graduation on Saturday evening.

Visiting recently with the Steve and Karen Grissinger family were Brent Carlson, Corin and Cody Crawford, Donna Locke, Tom and Mamie Streightiff,

Fred Horne, Ronnie Horne, and Shaine and Kean Goshorn were spotted in Belleville on Wednesday.

A lost Sheltie dog has been found in Maddensville. If you are missing this friendly dog, please give us a call.

Steve, Karen, Terri and Tammy Grissinger, and Ramon Martin took in the Huntingdon County Fair last weekend.

Karen Grissinger visited with Brian Fraker on Saturday afternoon.

Hustontown Area Volunteer Fire Co. will host a food auction on Saturday, August 20, beginning at 2 p.m. The kitchen will open at noon. There will be open stage on Saturday, August 27, beginning at 6 p.m.

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