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The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Jeffrey A. Gift to Daniel W. Keefer, Derek W. Keefer and Dustin E. Keefer, Thompson Township, $140 in tax stamps.

Bruce E. Mentzer to Bruce E. Mentzer, 2017 trust by trustee and Bruce E. Mentzer, trustee, Todd Township, tax exempt.

Ruby F. Peck, by ex.; Lorna B. Weber, ex.; Doris C. Stahle, ex.; Lorna B. Weber, Doris C. Stahle, Homer W. Stahle, Linda D. Pinieski, Joseph J. Pinieski, Pauline F. Johnson, Marvin L. Johnson, Daniel Leroy Peck, Nancy Peck, a/k/a Nancy M. Peck, Nancy M. Peck, a/k/a Nancy Peck, Doreen K. Tritle and Joseph L. Tritle to Lora B. Weber, Bethel Township, $1,108.11 in tax stamps.

Lonnie Brown Jr., Christine M. Brown, Todd W. Toburen and Deanne Toburen to Charles Timothy Souders and Amber Dawn Souders, Ayr Township, $1,200 in tax stamps.

Francine L. Gibson, a/k/a Francine L. Shaw, Francine L. Shaw a/ka Francine L. Gibson and Tim R. Shaw to Tim R. Shaw and Francine L. Shaw, Todd Township, tax exempt.

Benjamin J. Smith, Erica D. Smith n/k/a Erica D. Hann and Erica D. Hann f/k/a Erica D. Smith to Dustin R. Marshall, McConnellsburg Borough, $1,169 in tax stamps.

Timothy R. Shaw to Timothy R. Shaw and Francine L. Shade, Dublin Township, tax exempt.

James Edward Strait and Vicki Lynn Strait to Zachary T. Strait, Belfast Township, tax exempt.

Ever Green Custom Homes LLC to Wayne N. Porell and Edith D. Porell, Belfast Township, $1,260 in tax stamps.

Troy E. Smith by adm.; Blaine M. Smith adm.; and Judith E. Smith to Jacqueline Doherty, McConnellsburg Borough, $1,250 in tax stamps.

Logan K. Cunningham and Amanda L. Cunningham to Tyler J. Crouse Anderson a/k/a Tyler J. Anderson Crouse; Tyler J. Anderson Crouse a/k/a Tyler J. Crouse Anderson and Devon J. Anderson, Taylor Township, $1,400 in tax stamps.

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