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Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Theron J. Koons Jr. a/k/a Theron J. Koons, by ex.; Theron J. Koons a/k/a Theron J. Koons Jr., by ex.; and Paula L. Koons, ex. to Paula L. Koons, Ayr Township, tax exempt.

Samuel Mogavero to James C. Lonkowske and Tiffany E. Lonkowske, Taylor Township, $1,000 in tax stamps.

John Whalen and Mary Ellen Whalen to Melissa Morning Reid, Bethel Township, $5,250 in tax stamps.

James R. Fortney and Tammy S. Fortney to James R. Fortney, Tammy S. Fortney and Cory L. Kaiser Buhrman, Dublin Township, tax exempt.

Suzanne R. Sumner, now Suzanne R. Hockenberry; Suzanne R. Hockenberry, form. Suzanne R. Sumner and Richard J. Hockenberry to Suzanne R. Hockenberry and Andrea L. Sumner, Brush Creek Township, tax exempt.

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