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Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

LSF9 Master Participation Tr. a/k/a LSF#9 Master Participation Tr. by atty. and Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Jessica L. Himes and Matthew R. Barnard, Belfast Township, $1,132 in tax stamps.

Donald E. Black and Arlene T. Black to Donald E. Black, Taylor Township, tax exempt.

Jack E. Appleby and Judith K. Appleby to Curtis L. Witherow and Megan E. Witherow, Wells Township, $1,640 in tax stamps.

Richard J. Cutchall and Debra K. Cutchall to 511 Pit Stop LLC, Dublin Township, $1,150 in tax stamps.

Wesley E. Farris by sheriff and Carrie R. Farris by sheriff to CNB Bank Inc., Thompson Township, $1,329.18 in tax stamps.

Thomas A. Paige, Li Ling a/k/a Ling L. Lants and Ling L. Lante a/k/a Ling Li to Thomas A. Paige and Li Ling, Bethel Township, tax exempt.

Fulton County Medical Center to Todd Township, Todd Township.

Jean E. Snyder by adm. and James R. Snyder adm. to Douglas M. Keebaugh, Ayr Township, $1,460 in tax stamps.

Neil Ray and Marie Ray to Neil Ray, Licking Creek Township, tax exempt.

Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal Nat’l. Mortgage Association by atty.; Federal National Mortgage Assoc. a/k/a Fannie Mae, by atty. and Servicelink LLC, atty. to Sadie D. Hawbaker a/k/a Sadie Hawbaker and Sadie Hawbaker a/k/a Sadie D. Hawbaker, Keith C. Anderson a/k/a Keith Anderson and Keith Anderson a/k/a Keith C. Anderson, Dublin Township, $ 585 in tax stamps.

Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Jerrod L. Oaks Jr. and Gloria J. Oaks, Wells Township, $ 1,250 in tax stamps.

Freddie Mac a/k/a Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. by atty.; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. a/k/a Freddie Mac, by atty.; and Udren Law Offices PC, atty. to Michael Binder and Sarah Binder, Ayr Township, $261 in tax stamps.

William S. Hoffman and Marianne S. Hoffman to Samuel S. Porterfield and Regina R. Porterfield, Belfast Township, $450 in tax stamps.

Robert J. Harvey and Nicole M. Harvey to Robert A. Gunthard Williams a/k/a Robert A. Williams Gunthard and Robert A. Williams Gunthard a/k/a Robert A. Gunthard Williams, Todd Township, $2,630 in tax stamps.

Melvin J. Shives Jr. and Doris J. Shives to Melvin J. Shives Jr. and Doris J. Shives, Thompson Township, tax exempt.

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